Is there a minimum number of coaching sessions a client must commit to?

Yes, we ask you to commit to 6 sessions, which generally represents a three month time frame, if you assume 2 sessions per month. 

The reason for the 6 sessions is to allow the relationship to build. Further, changing behaviors occurs over time, and reaching goals is often a series of actions being taken over time.

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions last 60 to 90 minutes.

How often are the sessions?

Most people or groups choose a bi-monthly sequence.  However, every other week is also an option.

What if coaching is needed between sessions?

We can accommodate that need as part of any agreement.  

How do you perform your coaching? Do we come to you?

Most of our client's sessions are conducted over the phone.  However, face-to-face or on site meetings are available. 

What types of people do you coach?

We largely coach business people. Often our clients are facing changes, challenges, or major choices in their business lives.  


  • executives wishing to enhance their leadership skills;
  • senior managers facing a reorganization;
  • entrepreneurs wishing to grow their businesses;
  • business owners having issues with work/life balance;
  • people returning to the work force after a break in their career;
  • college graduates seeking their first job

We DO NOT coach people requiring therapy for personal issues.

How do we sign up for coaching? How do we know if it's right for us or our group?

Call or email us and we can discuss your situation. After we understand your needs, and we know we can help, we will set up the initial session where we will talk through details and expectations of the coaching relationship. Fees will be due at that time.

What are your charges?

We are very competitive in our fee structure. Depending on your specific situation, fees may be adjusted if we are traveling, or there is a need for more sessions. Please call the office to discuss further.








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Training and Development

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Do students ride the horses?

No, students do not ride the horses.  They do not have to even touch the horses if they are uncomfortable. In that instance, we ask them to observe others.

Are students safe?

Yes, we exercise every precaution. We are trained in the handling of horses, and our horses are tame and friendly. We do require everyone to sign a release of liability after we go over all safety guidelines.

What should the students wear?

Students should wear close-toed shoes. We prefer leather shoes or boots. Jeans, casual tops, and tee shirts are fine. Jackets maybe needed in cooler weather. Consider sun glasses, hats, and sun tan lotion as well.

Do you customize content?

Yes, we work with all of our clients to make the content and format appropriate for their needs and situation. 

Where do the students eat in the evenings?

We are out in the country. However, about 10 minutes away, close to the area hotels, there are a number of small town eating establishments as well as fast food options. About 20 to 25 minutes away there are some very nice restaurants, none of whom require reservations. 

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, as long as we know before you come.

How many students can attend a seminar?

We like to keep the groups between 8 and 12 participants, both from a learning perspective, and so as to not overwhelm the horses.

Are other types of training and/or speaking available?

Yes, we will speak at a gathering on site or a place of your choosing.  We often speak for community groups: non-profits, churches, chambers, etc. In those instance, our first hour of speaking is free of charge, although we ask for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses. 

Our format is often "lunch 'n learn", a mentoring group, or a mastermind group format.

Is it possible for you to come to our site?

Yes, we can come to your site; however, our experiential training element i.e. the horses, would likely not be available. Additionally, our travel expenses would require reimbursement.

What are your charges?

We are very competitive for this type of program. Our use of our own facilities greatly helps in keeping your costs down. We will be glad to discuss your particular situation (size of group, content customization needs, number of days), and quote you from there.