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Holos House, LLC, is a business coaching, training, and consulting firm.  We pride ourselves in always maintaining a "holistic" view in our client engagements, hence our name. Whether choosing our individual business coaching, or group training services, Holos House seeks to put all the pieces together, working within the context of the individual or firm's reality.  As John Maxwell certified coaches and trainers, our  primary emphasis is most often on individual leadership strength, the single most important factor in success.  Besides having over 50 years of combined business experience in building, maintaining, and selling businesses, our Senior Partners also have considerable experience in adult education. We work with all size firms, across a variety of industries, all desiring success and all facing the same challenge: Growth in the Face of an Ever-Changing World.

CHERIE OSWALD:An executive with over 30 years of strategic, financial, and business development experience, Ms. Oswald is a consummate professional. She has worked with major brands like Quaker Oats, Frito-Lay, Kraft Foods, HGTV, Food Network, and Target. With an advanced degree in finance and economics, Oswald has taught at the university level, and developed curriculum for Accenture, a world class consulting firm. 

DON EATOCK: Mr. Eatock's  consulting experience spans over 30 years and many industries: construction, retail, government contractors, utilities, manufacturing, and governmental agencies. His clients have included shipbuilders, AT&T, the TVA, and small entrepreneurs. He has provided expert testimony in legal cases, using his CPA and MBA skills to analyze and model the past, present, and likely future of the clients he serves. In his years with Arthur Andersen, he was also the corporate trainer in Microsoft products, and other business software applications. 

The companies below showcase the breadth of our Senior Partners' experience, having worked in or with the following firms: